Don’t Step on the Spider

A Novel by Kirk Raeber and Mark Graham, Illustrated by Marc Zapata


“Beautifully written and illustrated,

Don’t Step on the Spider is an endearing, soothing book

that filled me with a sense of being in

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”


This is a delightful Children’s Book that follows Tim and his Grandfather Don on an adventure. Tim quickly learns that all life is important. Grandfather Don introduces Tim to all his friends in the fields and forest surrounding his house. The creatures tell Tim how important they are to the earth and without them life would be very different.

The reader has several questions at the end of the book and space for hand written answers. The questions give the reader a chance to express their feeling about the characters.


About the Author, Co-Author and Illustrator

Author Kirk Raeber:

Kirk Raeber is a retired emergency room physician. His first award winning novel is a historical fiction “Forgotten Letters.” Kirk decided to change the genre for this book and experience a different adventure. He lives in California with his wife and Anatolian Shepherds.

Co-Author Mark Graham:

Mr. Graham is a critically acclaimed author who has been writing and editing professionally since 1988. He has written and published four critically acclaimed full-length novels.

Illustrator Marc Zapata:

Marc Zapata is a self-taught illustrator who has been drawing for over 15 years.
He is to expand his work with illustrations, character design and even animation. Marc is truly passionate about art.