Forgotten Letters

Author’s Note

The inspiration for this book came to me ten years ago in the form of a dream so vivid that I began to see it as the starting point for the story portrayed in Forgotten Letters. The dream began with an earthquake in the early 1900’s somewhere in Japan. My most vivid memory from the dream was not so much the destruction, which was devastating, but the strength and courage of the Japanese people in resurrecting their lives in the face of such tragedy.

Over the years, I researched the many earthquakes that are such a regular occurrence across the Japanese Islands and decided that the “Great Kanto” of 1923 seemed to best mimic the one from my dream, in particular the unstoppable fires that destroyed most of Tokyo and Yokohama. This is where the book begins.

Ironically, the two cities were again destroyed during World War II and, as they were after the “Great Kanto,” have been rebuilt by the dedicated, hard working people of that amazing country.

My hope is that you will find the book a very enjoyable read.

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